3 May, 2020: Carl Sambrano the president of the International Downhill Federation has advised that due to the Covid-19 pandemic and ongoing worldwide disruption affecting sporting events the 2020 World Tour for World Champion rankings cannot continue.

In a recent statement Sambrano said. “I hope this message finds you safe, healthy and with strong patience for our passion of Downhill Skateboarding and Street Luge racing. As we all know, the Covid-19 pandemic has greatly affected the entire sport’s world, including the 2020 International Downhill Federation (IDF) World tour.

For the last 8 weeks, the IDF has been monitoring this unprecedented situation that the world is currently experiencing. We have stayed in touch with our stakeholders’ [which includes Event organisers, Continental representatives and concerned members of the IDF], to acquire feedback on the different event locations around the world, discuss and assess the options that are currently available, and create scenarios that are deliberated and ready as the health crisis situation develops.

International borders are still closed in the countries hosting an international race, preparation time for our members is inadequate for events that are confirmed less than two months before the event date and event organisers need time for event preparation and coordination, and the minimum five World Cups needed for a World Tour will no longer be possible.

The IDF believes that Downhill Skateboarding and Street Luge racing should be accessible to everyone. For that reason, we cannot continue with the 2020 World Tour for 2020 World Champion rankings. However, there are still a number of event organisers who hope to bring top-level skateboarding and street luge racing to as many members as is safely possible during the 2020 season.”