The World Downhill Skateboarding Championship (WDSC) is a multi-event international series showcasing the spectacular sporting disciplines of Downhill Skateboarding and Street Luge in their purest forms.

The signing of an agreement earlier this year between UK-based Race Marketing & Management (RMM), a full service sports management, marketing and media company, and World Gravity Sports Federation (WGSF), heralds a new and exciting era for the sport.

The multiple event series will determine the respective world champions from points amassed at each event in each category, attracting the world’s top international competitors in Men’s and Women’s Downhill and Street Luge.

Downhill is arguably the most demanding and breath-taking discipline and along with Luge, the sport is governed by a strict set of rules laid out by the WGSF, safety and sporting integrity the cornerstones to ensuring an outstanding experience for all competitors, spectators, media and stakeholders.

Downhill Skateboarding and Street Luge are widely regarded as the ‘ultimate’ challenge, highly talented fearless competitors taking on and hurtling down unforgiving steep challenging twisting circuits at breakneck speeds on the latest state-of-the-art, highly technical skateboards.

The spectacular event weekends are run over two or three days with technical inspection, a minimum of two practice sessions, official qualifying, round robin knockout races and finals.